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Many tourists did not expect their great passion to see a distinctive tourist destination on the Asian continent to be a big disappointment. More than one tourist went to Bali's charming island of Bali to watch the gate of the Temple of Lempuyang.

The reason for the influx of tourists to visit this famous temple is the spread of several pictures of his gate on the social networking site "Instagram", where people (often have thousands of followers on the instagram) in the middle of the temple and perform different movements, while reflecting the water of the temple and give a special aesthetic on The picture taken, according to the site of the newspaper "The Independent" British.

The same source points out that these images, which are heavily traded in the Ingestrum, are ordinary, and if they were not subject to a modification process, the appearance would not be so great. There is no water at all in front of the gate of this Hindu temple.

The source added that several tourists were angry after discovering the truth of the matter, they left a non-positive assessments of this place on the site of the World Travel "Trip Advisor", and some of them described this milestone as "fake."

"My hopes and dreams were shattered when I discovered that the water in front of the temple was actually a piece of glass placed under an iPhone phone," said Paulina Marinova, the author of the magazine Der Spiegel. "This is proof that the influential people in Entangram are destroying everything."

"This is really disappointing, because this temple is one of the oldest and most respected on the island of Bali," she said. "The vision of many people waiting for hours to take pictures instead of looking at the temple, says a lot about our values ​​in 2019."

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