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After all the ink poured in recent months on the return of Neymar potential to Barcelona, ​​suddenly appeared threads The "old lady" began weaving her to join the Brazilian striker according to identical media reports. After Messi, will Neymar play next season alongside Cristiano Ronaldo? And whether it is Italian Juve Deal of this size after a heart-defense deal Mats de Liechte?

According to the site of the "Sport" Italian, a date soon will be between the father of Neymar and the management of Juventus in the city of Turin, Italy in this regard. Meanwhile, Almondo Deportivo, who is close to Barcelona, ​​said on Friday (July 19, 2019) that the Calchio title holder may be the best match for Barcelona.
But the question now is whether Juve is capable of paying the player to open the door to the imagination of the dead on the European league deals. Just to remind you, Paris Saint-Germain paid two years ago about 222 million euros for Barca and about 35 million euros a year. Italy's Corriere dello Sport said on Friday that the deal was "impossible" but would "eliminate" the team's ambitions and its coffers..
The idea of ​​joining Neymar seems not to have been born today, according to the Spanish "Almondo Deportivo", but plans that have been present since last summer with the "old lady" men and came back to the fore because the Turin management is convinced that Neymar is the best complement to the Portuguese star on the attack deck .
On the other hand, Barcelona's enthusiasm for Neymar seems to have eased, and the cost of the deal is at the top of the list. The offer was rejected by Coutinho as well as Osman Damble and 40 million euros for Neymar. The Paris Saint-Germain administration rejected the offer, calling it "nonsense". After that, the Catalan went to the Ferencé de Jong and Antoine Grismann.
In fact, Juve has better liquidity than Barcelona, ​​and may be the closest to the deal, while Neymar has shown that the most important for him is to leave Paris.

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