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After Moscow announced the submarine incident, Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly acknowledged the existence of a nuclear reactor on board only three days after the accident. This was one of the many indicators that made observers doubt whether Russia wants to cover up the details of an incident is much more serious than what is announced.

"All of them took part and got the same fate to protect the lives of their colleagues and to protect their submarine and sacrificed their lives to prevent," said Sergei Pavlov, an aide to the Russian navy commander, who was quoted as saying during the funeral of the sailors on Saturday. A catastrophe of global proportions ". However, in Pavlov's remarks, no details of how this incident was presented, lead to a global catastrophe.

In the meantime, other officials were quoted as saying that the submarine crew had managed to contain the fire and isolate the nuclear reaction of the submarine.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 14 sailors were killed on July 1 in a research submarine fire that was conducting a survey of the seabed near the North Pole.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Piskov told a news conference that he was not aware of the statements made by officials at the funeral and therefore could not comment on them.

Russian President Vladimir Putin last week awarded the country's highest medals to the late sailors by awarding the title of "Russian Champion" to four of them while giving the "Courage Medal" to the remaining 10.

Putin said those aboard the submarine were elite sailors and that two of them had already won the title of "champion of Russia" before their last mission.

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