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Some of the actions of Liverpool star Mohamed Salah are very impressive both inside and outside the green rectangle. The Egyptian star gave his shirt to a young boy who loves his left foot, as well as the Premier League's generous contribution to the needy.

As Mohamed Salah bids farewell to the African Cup of Nations in Egypt, his teammate Sadio Mani seems to have taken advantage of the opportunity to cover the gap left by Salah and seek to win the hearts of celebrities.

Just before the Senegalese and African Nations Cup quarter-final match, the camera picked up the star Sadio Mani and tied the shoes of one of the young children the players took with them as they entered the field.

In a similar vein to what some fans have done with Mohammed Salah, some fans have asked Senegalese star Sadio Mani to give them his shirt, number 10.

Sadio Mani's actions did not stop at this point.cafonline"For another human gesture by the star of" Ridz ", where he agreed to interview Ahmed Gamal, one of the volunteers in the African Cup of Nations.

The site " cafonline"Sadio Mani has achieved Ahmed Jamal's dream of interviewing him, and Jamal suffers from a lack of vision but struggles hard to work in journalism, which he loves so much.

"I am very happy to meet Sadio Mani, I have been encouraging Liverpool since 2005 and I love Mani as much as I love Mohammed Salah," said Ahmed Jamal, a young Senegalese. "Sani is a very friendly and humble person and when I asked him for a short interview he welcomed it and I was very pleased with that," he said.

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