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The Social Democratic Party (SPD), a partner of the ruling coalition in Germany, has stepped up pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel in light of the current dispute over Germany's participation in the international coalition to fight the "Islamic State" known as "Da'ash" in Syria and Iraq.

On Monday (July 8, 2019), the head of the party's parliamentary bloc, Rolf Motsnich, stressed his party's demand to end the supply of German reconnaissance planes and the refueling aircraft to the international coalition against "Da'ash" by October 31, Which the parliament granted to the government.

Motsnich stressed that his party "insists on this mandate and the decision of the Bundestag (Bundestag) in this regard." He added that Germany has fulfilled its political commitments within the Alliance for years, and made a significant contribution to the military control of the organization, "Dahesh."

The prominent German Socialist also reiterated his party's refusal to send German ground troops to Syria. "The best international committee for sustainable political participation in Syria is the United Nations," he said, noting that Germany is currently a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council and that for this reason it can support the United Nations in settling the conflict.

The words of the Socialist politician came at a time when the German government today rejected an American request to send ground troops to northern Syria, leaving the door open to keep its participation in the international coalition against "dashing" as is currently the case.

"When I say that the German government intends to maintain its participation in the coalition against the organization of the Islamic state, as we know, it does not include ground forces," government spokesman Stephan Zeibert said. "We are now talking to our American allies about how engagement in the region should continue."

Washington has asked Berlin through the Special Representative of Syria James Jeffrey to provide ground troops. "We are looking here (in Germany) and other coalition partners (…) for volunteers willing to engage" in the process, said Jeffrey, who is visiting Berlin.

The German contribution to the coalition is mainly in aerial reconnaissance and training for Iraqi forces. The term of German participation in Syria ends at the end of October 2019. Parliament must then decide the future of such participation.


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