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New Defense Minister and Conservative leader Energret Kramp has called for a steady increase in defense and defense spending to nearly the level demanded by NATO at 2% of the total national production. The minister's request coincides with that of US President Donald Trump. But the Socialist Alliance in the ruling coalition refuses to increase defense spending in the context of its rejection of the concept of a new arms race in the world.

"We are still in the coalition and in the federal government," said Thorsten Schaefer-Gumpel, a member of the provisional presidential body of the Social Democratic Party, on Sunday (July 21, 2019). The medium term was clarified and added that this also applies to the allocation of a higher budget for the army.

Schiffer-Gumpel, the defense minister who heads Chancellor Angela Merkel's Democratic Christian Party, demanded that she address other issues such as the efficiency of the military's equipment rather than "pursuing a policy of arming in accordance with the wishes of US President Donald Trump"He said.

In a statement to the German newspaper Frankfurter-Gumma Zontaggs Zeitung, Kramp-Cranbauer said that Germany had given "a clear promise" to achieve NATO's goal of raising military expenditures to 2% of the total output Local communities by 2024.

Kramp-Cranbauer added that it is clear that this path should be taken towards this goal, and that this means that the increase in defense expenditure would actually amount to two billion euros. She stressed that she has repeatedly criticized the reduction of the defense budget in accordance with the medium-term funding plan in the coming years, and said it would adopt this position now as secretary and leader of the Christian Party within the Council of Ministers and the Committee of the Coalition.

Lars Klingbayl, Secretary-General of the Social Democratic Party, criticized the new defense minister and told Deutsche Presse-Agentur newspapers that he was surprised that Kramp-Cranbauer had reopened the debate directly. "There will be no arming according to Trump's wishes, This is in the presence of the Socialist Party and we have made it clear many times within the coalition"He said.

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