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British Airways announced British AirwaysHas been fined 183 million pounds sterling, equivalent to 204 million euros, for the theft of the financial statements of hundreds of thousands of customers in 2018.

The British Information Commissioner's Office has decided to punish the company after an in-depth investigation into a fraud reported by the company itself last September, as visitors to the company's website were transferred to a fake site to seize financial statements for customers.

"When you are given personal data that you have to protect, the office will prosecute those who fail to protect the data," said Elisabeth Denham, the bureau's commissioner. To disclose whether appropriate measures have been taken"He said.

The office explained that stolen data included the names of customers, their postal addresses, e-mail, bank card numbers and login data, but they also stated that it was possible to negotiate with the company the value of the fine as it cooperated with the office to solve the problem and improved its security procedures after the incident.

"The company dealt quickly with the crime of stealing its customers' data, and we found no evidence of fraudulent activity in relation to the accounts of this theft," the company's executive director, Alex Cruz, said of his decision. As announced by Willie Walsh, General Manager of the International Aviation Group British Airways For his intention to appeal against the decision against the company.

The amount imposed on the British company is 1.5 percent of the company's annual business, which in September pledged to pay compensation to affected passengers.

However, the company announced on Monday that it had not been notified of any financial theft from customers hit by piracy.


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