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Egyptian Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram made a big stir by saying that she was speaking to a number of Egyptians residing in Canada.

The words and hints of the Minister recalled the recent memory of the assassination of the late Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which made many opponents of the regime of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi feared that his security services begin to carry out kidnappings or assassination of them:

But the Egyptian minister confirmed that her words "have been deliberately modified" accusing the "enemies of the homeland" of trying to distort the image of the Egyptian state and negatively affect her visit to Canada and said that "the country is subjected to a fierce war of enemies who try to undermine the country's capabilities," adding that " Threatening their children. "

"Official words in an official meeting"

– Arabia has continued with the Egyptian-based Egyptian journalist Mohammed Nasr, the first to publish the minister's comments on his personal account on Twitter, which said that the meeting attended by the Egyptian minister came in a celebration in Canada, which was dedicated to the month of July of Egyptian civilization.

The Egyptian journalist said in an interview with – Arabia that the minister, the Egyptian ambassador and the Consul General in Canada received official invitations to attend a number of events on the sidelines of the celebration, including raising the Egyptian flag before the Canadian Parliament and meetings on the sidelines of these events. The minister met with a number of people in Toronto, the meeting where the video was recorded, noting that he did not attend the meeting but some of the attendees from the video record and sent him to publish it.

Nasr stressed that the meeting was official and attended by senior diplomats at the Egyptian embassy, ​​and that the minister's speech was not part of the context. "She must bear the consequences of what she said as an official position in the Egyptian state." He concluded by saying that "what the secretary referred to is in Canada The West is a murderous crime. "

"Revealing statements"

After the assassination of Gamal Khashoggi, the fears of Egyptian dissidents abroad grew more frequent, although the Egyptian state did not know throughout its history of operations targeting the Egyptian opposition outside the country in this way.

But the slow pace of international action on the Khashoggi issue and the tightening of the security grip inside Egypt could push the Egyptian regime – according to dissidents – to extend its control over the outside opposition that causes its satellite channels, journalists and media to become a daily headache.

The Egyptian opposition, Dr. Ayman Nour, spoke in several tweets published several hours before the publication of the video of the Egyptian Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram about the establishment of one of the Egyptian security services for a working group to deal with Egyptian dissidents in Turkey in particular:

The minister's statements are "revealing, not an institution for a new position," and that the minister's announcement "is not surprising, but reveals a position that was in the secret and leaked some of the features of this position to us through the words of the media associated with the Egyptian regime. Official responsibility in the state to emphasize this position, "according to what he said during an interview with an Arab -.

Ayman Nour pointed out that the minister's statements were in public session and open in the official presence of officials at the Egyptian embassy. "The speech was clear and can not be understood or interpreted, which makes us believe that what the minister said is in the context of disclosure even if wrongly about what is practiced and plans for him," says Ayman Nour.

Ayman Nour (AP)

The prominent Egyptian oppositionist Dr. Ayman Nour

Noor explained to – Arabia the minister's remarks as a kind of inexperience on her part, "she listened to this speech at a meeting on 26/6/2019 in one of the corridors of the Egyptian security attended by several personalities, she was one of those characters and the scene that was photographed by her hand, The scene of the blasphemy was just a transfer of the voice and image that I had seen and heard in the closed room to the public: it imitated what I saw from one of the officials who were present. "

"Stupid opposition "

On social networking sites, a number of Egyptians moved inside and outside the country to defend the minister. Some stressed that what the minister said was merely a transient error that is not intended to carry out assassinations of dissidents, and that the uproar over the minister's words is expected from opponents.

The same opinion is agreed upon by Mahmoud Ibrahim, the Egyptian lawyer and jurist, who said in an interview with – Arabia that "there are signs and statements of any simple statements that come out of any Egyptian official to be exploited politically. Framework of the claim of injustice ".

Egyptian rights activist Mahmoud Ibrahim agrees with Egyptian oppositionist Ayman Nour about the lack of political experience of the minister, but stressed that she can not be blamed for her spontaneous statements. "Because most current ministers and after 2011 did not come from a political background but from a bureaucratic background, Such mistakes are not experienced politicians. "

New approach?

Ayman Nour pointed out that what the minister said corresponds to the information available to the Egyptian opposition abroad in the past months, "and is not separated from threats made by some media professionals to Jamal Khashoggi, and demanded to kill him, especially since there is a person attributed to the official Egyptian media, Ayman Nour, or journalists Mohammed Nasser or Moataz Matar, to kill them ":

Ayman Nour's words were supported by Bahi El-Din Hassan, the Egyptian jurist and director of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies.

"During the past week, we received clear warnings, after the leak of what happened at this official meeting in Egypt," said senior Egyptian oppositionist Ayman Nour, who was then asked why the immigration minister attended such a meeting and later understood that she had a secondary role. She said it corresponds to the information available to us, the minister's words are not separate from reality.

An Egyptian singer named Abeer called for exaggeration in dealing with the Egyptian minister's statements.

Nour ruled that the minister's remarks were merely a mistake in the expression, "otherwise the state and the government it represented would have come out with an apology or an explanation of what the minister said." He concluded by saying that "the international regime is shaky, conspiring and cooperating with criminals and killing the case of freezing Khashoggi's case and not holding any Saudi official accountable. This may tempt some aggressors to repeat it, but in different ways, because killing is the only logic in which the Egyptian regime has managed in recent years "As he put it.

However, lawyer and jurist Mahmoud Ibrahim believes that "Egypt has never at any time targeted one of the opponents abroad," adding: "My personal assessment is that this opposition is stupid and is working all the time to seize any opportunity to score a point against the Egyptian regime," and that "this The amplification of the incident comes only to reap a political gain from a spontaneous and unprepared statement. "

It seems that the debate over the issues of the relationship between the regime in Egypt and its opponents will not be the end of this story, because of the volume of tension between the parties and the lack of signs of a breakthrough at least close.

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