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Many see the mystery and secrecy surrounding "Area 51" as too much to be stored in the secrets of the US military and testing its new hidden weapons. This area does not appear on public maps and its topographical American counterparts. For example, the Civil Aviation Plan shows only a large area that is prohibited over this area.

"Area 51", which has a military airport, has been linked to the idea of ​​flying dishes and spacecraft for decades. This is due to the publication by some American newspapers of the discovery of a crashed plane in Roswell, Texas, on July 8, 1947. The incident, historically known as the "Roswell incident," as lovers believe the theory of the existence of space creatures that the US government found the alien vehicle and hid in this restricted area of ​​civilians in the southern part of the state of Nevada in the western United States.

But a page on the site "Facebook" is threatening to reveal the secret that the military base of its facilities, and put the US military on the alert to protect them. The US Air Force has warned more than one million Americans who have called on this page to "break into Area 51" to see the alleged space objects. "The Air Force is ready to protect America and its property."

In an interview with The Washington Post, Air Force spokeswoman Laura MacDarroz said that "the military base is a land used by the US Air Force for training," warning of any attempt to raid areas where the army is training.

ABC News quoted a spokeswoman as saying that "any attempt to illegally access military installations or military training areas is dangerous."

"I was trying to make it look like a joke, but some people finally took it seriously," he told the KRON network. "It was published on June 27 as a kind of joke, and I waited for three days to register the page (s), 40 people impressed and then a lot of people did it," he said. "We will all meet at the Elean Center 51 tourist center and coordinate our entry," said the Facebook page.

By Wednesday evening, more than 1.6 million Facebook users had pledged to take part in the storming of the military facility at 3 am local time on September 20, believing that the government was holding spacecraft there, and to make sure rumors were correct Traded for decades.

Residents of the area have for years called what they sometimes called "plane dishes" or "strange beings", or heard strange sounds in the restricted area, and the region has been fertile for imagination for years.

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