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Liverpool goalkeeper Alison Baker is still dazzling the fans of the round. Once again, the Brazilian international makes a great performance over the green rectangle and leads his team to the podium. Once again, the press releases a great deal of respect for the other clubs.

Baker's glamor and admirable behavior are not only confined to the green rectangle, but also outside, especially with the closest to his heart. Natalia Becker, the wife of Liverpool goalkeeper, has revealed in a small video at her own expense on the social networking site "Instagram" A new talent enjoyed by Allison Baker, according to the site "Liverpool Echo" British.

As for the talent, it is the singing of the Riddles guard and the guitar playing for his young children in the bedroom to enjoy a quiet night. Becker is shown in a short video, carrying a guitar and singing in Portuguese, in a very quiet voice. His daughter Helenia, In a deep sleep.

This is not the first time that Alison Baker has revealed some aspects of his personal life. The Brazilian goalkeeper is keen to share his photos with his fans on social networking sites and small videos with his wife and young children.

Alison Becker, who has been very impressive this season, has played a major role in Liverpool's Champions League crown, as well as his contribution to the Copa America at the expense of Peru 3-1.

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