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The sense of weakness and lack of energy almost completely after a large lunch. This sensation is reinforced by the low temperature of the human body in the afternoon between 1 pm and 3 pm, which is a sign of the need for the body to sleep. But a little sleep in the middle of the day is not always available, especially in the workplace. What should we do in this case?

It is not that difficult. There are many simple tricks you can use to restore a sense of activity in the middle of the day, or immediately after eating, according to the site "Mirror" British:

– Eating a large meal at lunch may create a sense of laziness in some. In contrast, the feeling of lack of energy is an indication of the need for food in others. Here, the blood sugar level can be balanced and the body is energized by eating light and healthy things. For example: sliced ​​apples with two tablespoons of peanut butter, or a box of full-fat yogurt with a pinch of honey and beads of almonds.

– Dehydration reduces the ability to perform mental and physical tasks, but this does not mean resorting to so-called energy drinks because they contain sugars absorbed by the body quickly, but also loses quickly. So always put a bottle of water near you. And eating foods containing liquids such as grapes, cucumbers and melons.

– Scientists are advised to stay away from the phone while eating because using it to search through social networking sites at this time leads to stress, given the information received at this time it is supposed to be reserved for rest.

– Stop postponing your work, as postponement of some tasks can lead to fatigue and fatigue, as a result of your concern because of deferred tasks. When you make the decision to start a task, you are accompanied by a sense of energy resulting from the desire to finish it quickly.

– You may not have thought before that switching socks in the middle of the day can renew your sense of energy. Or try to use a foot hygiene product.

– Try to leave the office exposed to natural daylight, as this will stop the activity of hormones responsible for the sense of weakness and desire to sleep.

– Because long sitting leads to low heart rate and oxygen in the muscles, you move. It is not necessary to run here, for example. Walking is sometimes sufficient.

– Know that swimming is possible without the need for a water surface. The shoulders are moved in circular movements with the arm flexing, so that the fingers touch the shoulder in an exercise like swimming by increasing the heart rate and speed of pumping blood across the body, thereby renewing the feeling of energy.

– Chewing frankincense seems like the simplest and fastest way to stay awake for longer times. According to a study published in the British Journal of Psychology, a group of researchers found that within half an hour, people who chew frankincense faster than others can perform their tasks accurately and higher quality. Chewing rapidly increases heart rate and thus speeds the blood flow until the brain is reached.

The easiest thing is to close your eyes and cram them a lot. This gives the brain a short chance to relax, while we tend to do this at a lower rate while focusing on the computer screen.


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