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He has played five seasons in Schalke from 2005 to 2010, and after a single season in Italy he returned to Germany through Bayern Munich and stayed in the team for eight years of the Bundesliga. 2011 until 2019. Now he returns to his own country to play in Flamengo team.

In an interview with German magazine Sport Bild, Ravenia spoke about his years in the Bundesliga, the closest people to him and his best coaches and the worst. "He always cared about me and when I was sad he was the most important person in Bayern," he said. Ravenna said Martina, Rummenigge's wife, was also helping him a lot. "And Uli Hoeness will always be in my heart," Rafinha said.

The Tragedy of Renato Sanchez

"It was quite clear that a boy like Renato Sanchez was shocked at first: he did not speak a single German word or an English when he came," he said. "I tried to look after him from the first day. "He said.

Best and worst coach

Rafinia tells the magazine "Bild" that his best coaches in Germany were primarily Pep Guardiola as well as Yup Hynix and second is Carlo Ancelotti. The worst coach for the Brazilian defender was German Felix Magath, who had "many problems" with him.

Athleticly, things went well between the two, with Schalke taking second place in the league. Rafinia scored four goals in a season and made 12 goals. "But humanly things went badly, the training was very tough and Magath was often overpriced," Ravinia says.

However, Magath was always clear and immediately presented an honest assessment, telling you in your face: "Today I was bad!", But also: "Today, I was the best!", Ravenna said.

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