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The governor of the conservative province of Kassel, Walter Lubke, is suspected of being an activist in the far-right center. Some 8,000 people took part in demonstrations in the city on Saturday (July 20, 2019), police said.

The demonstrators took part in three major anti-march events announced by the "right" party. The location of the extreme right-wing activists was cordoned off, and none of the protesters came to the scene on time for the demonstration. The extreme right-wing march was scheduled to start at 12 noon (local time).

The right-wing party called for the demonstration to be held in protest at the alleged exploitation of the crime in pinning violence and terrorism to the right-wing faction.

Kassel tried to ban the extreme right-wing demonstration, but the Hessen Administrative Court rejected the ban.

The German Christian Democratic Party (LDP) official, Lubke, was shot dead on the balcony of his home in Kassel on June 2. The prosecution is likely to have extreme right-wing backgrounds behind the crime. A radical right-wing man named Stefan E. He admitted the crime, but later withdrew his confessions for tactical reasons.

On Saturday, the city of Halle, eastern Germany, was to hold several anti-right demonstrations and events in response to plans by the right-wing "Rightist Movement" to hold a demonstration. It should be noted that the Constitution Protection Commission (Internal Intelligence) has recently classified the "Identity Movement" as a surveillance target in the fight against right-wing extremism.

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