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The Australian High Court of Victoria has sentenced Abdullah Shaarani, 28, Ahmed Mohammed, 26, and Hatem Mukheiber, 30, to a terrorist act, setting fire to the Imam Ali Islamic Center in Fockner, December 2016.

A jury in May convicted the three defendants. Mohammed and Shaarani were sentenced to 22 years in prison without parole until 17 years later, while Mukhaibar was sentenced to 16 years' imprisonment and parole 12 years later, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Judge Andrew Tenni said in the verdict that the heinous crime was motivated by hatred, intolerance and hatred, adding that it was an "attack on religious freedom" which was "impossible to justify."

The slogan "State organization" was drawn on the wall of the mosque before the attack, and the fire came to the mosque completely after the attack. Muhammad and Shaarani tried to burn the mosque a month earlier but only succeeded in the second attempt with the help of Mukhaibar. Last year, Mohammed and Shaarani were convicted of plotting a terrorist attack in the Christmas period around the end of 2016, just two weeks after the mosque attack, but the attack was foiled. During the trial, Mohammed and Mukherber denied involvement in the attack, and Shaarani admitted his involvement, but said it was not a terrorist act but part of a protest "with the intention of advancing … Sunni Islam."

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