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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Donald Trump has accused Sweden of ordering the release of Swedish singer Asab Rocky, who was arrested in Sweden on the backdrop of a violent row in the streets of Stockholm. Trump asked Swedish Prime Minister Stephen Loewen to work for Roque's release, (July 2019).

Trump said in a tweet: "I'm disappointed with the Swedish prime minister because he can not do anything about the subject, Trump said Sweden has ignored our Afro-American community in the United States," Spiegel Online said.

Trump telephoned Swedish Prime Minister Loewen to push for the release of singer Asab Roque, but Loewen explained to Trump courteously that the judiciary in Sweden is completely independent of the executive and that he can not intervene.

Meanwhile, prosecutors in Sweden charged the American rapper, Asab Rocky, on Thursday after the June 30 incident in which the singer was involved in a violent row on a Stockholm street. Prosecutors said Assab Rocky, his real name, Rakeem Myers, 30, will face trial with two other people for causing physical damage.

"He considers himself innocent," Slobodan Juvecic, defense counsel for Myers, said, adding that he had only responded to the aggressive behavior of the other side, throwing him to the ground and stepping on his arm. The lawyer said the trial would begin next Tuesday and will conclude later in the week, but the prosecution office could not confirm the dates.

H / H / HZ (dpa / SPIEGEL Online)

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