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The British government said on Sunday (July 7, 2019) it would open an investigation into leaks in the press of diplomatic notes attributed to the British ambassador in Washington, describing US President Donald Trump as "incompetent." "He will open an official inquiry into the leaks," a State Department spokesman said, without questioning the authenticity of the diplomatic notes.

But British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, in a statement, distanced himself from statements attributed to the British ambassador to Washington, Kim Daroush. "It is very important to say that the ambassador was doing his job," Hunt said. "That is, to provide candid reports and personal opinions about what is happening in the country where he is working."

"We still believe that under President Trump, the US administration is at the same time very effective and the best friend of the UK on the international scene," said Hunt, who campaigned for the post of British prime minister whose name will be known on July 23.

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Asked about the leaks published in The Mail on Sunday, the US president responded that Daroush "did not serve the UK well … We are not fans of this man."
Ambassador Daroush was quoted in the confidential memos sent to Britain and read by the newspaper as saying Trump's presidency was "shattering and burning" and "ending with a disgrace."

"We do not really believe that this administration will become more natural, less dysfunctional, less moody, less fragmented, and less diplomatic," said one of the alleged memoirs attributed to Darush.
The newspaper said the sharpest comments launched by Darush are those which described Trump as "unstable" and "incompetent." The ambassador also referred to information on "chaos and fierce competition" in the White House. He believed that the "false news" that Trump is talking about repeatedly is "mostly true."

Darush is one of Washington's most experienced diplomats, who arrived in January 2016 before Trump won the US presidency. The newspaper said the notes, probably leaked by a British official, cover a period beginning in 2017.

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