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Less than two weeks after four female deputies from minority democracies called for "a return from where they came from," Trump raised a new wave of condemnation in the United States after three sharp morning tweets.

"The Baltimore district is far worse and far more dangerous," Trump said, referring to the detention of minor asylum seekers on the southern border with Mexico.

"If anyone spent more time in Baltimore, he could have helped clean up this very dangerous and dirty place," he wrote.

Cummings, 68, a key member of the House of Representatives where he has been in office since 1996, last week criticized Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleanan and accused him of blaming the situation of minors held in centers along the border with Mexico.

"I go back to my constituency every day and every morning I get up and fight with my neighbors," Cummings told Trump in a tweet, "It is my constitutional duty to oversee the executive branch, but it is my moral duty to fight for my voters."

The Cummings circle covers a large part of Baltimore, an industrial city with a population of 620,000, mostly black.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, born in Baltimore, condemned "racist attacks" against Cummings, "the biggest defender in Congress and in the country for civil rights and economic justice."

"It is shameful to attack and attack the people of Baltimore in this way," former Vice President and candidate for the White House Joe Biden wrote on Twitter, referring directly to Trump. "Once again prove that you are incompetent."

The city on the east coast of the United States faces growing social problems with the spread of drugs and crime, and is one of the most violent US cities with more than 300 murders a year since 2015.


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