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US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter on Monday (July 22, 2019) that reports of Iran being held by agents of the CIA were "completely false."

He described the reports as "more lies and propaganda emanating from a failed religious system and has no idea what to do." "The economy is dead, and the situation will get worse, Iran is in complete chaos."

"The Iranian regime has a long history of lying," US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview with Fox News television. "I will deal with a great deal of doubt with any Iranian assertion about the actions they have taken."

Pompeo declined to comment on any specific case. "There is a long list of Americans we are working to repatriate from the Islamic Republic of Iran," he said.

Earlier on Monday, Iranian authorities announced the arrest of 17 people, some of whom were sentenced to death, in the context of what Tehran said was the process of dismantling the "spy network" of the United States. This comes at a time of escalating tension between Tehran and Washington.

The director of the General Directorate of Counter-Espionage Affairs in the Iranian Ministry of Security said earlier in the day that Tehran dismantled this "network of customers," asserting that "all Iranians."

There was no immediate comment from the agency, as it usually refused to comment on reports about secret agents or informants being arrested or killed on the ground. Trump's denials are therefore out of the ordinary, provoking criticism from the intelligence services.


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