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US President Donald Trump attacked British Prime Minister Teresa Mae and her ambassador to Washington on Monday as Britain expressed regret over the leak of secret memos in which the ambassador described the Trump administration as "incompetent" and "not doing its job properly." Britain's ambassador to Washington, Kim Daroush, leaked to The Mail On Sunday, troubling Trump and embarrassing London.

"The Trump administration has been contacted to clarify our view that we believe the diversion is unacceptable," the spokesman told reporters.

Trump responded to Twitter by criticizing May's handling of the EU exit, saying he ignored his advice. "I do not know this ambassador but he is not popular and does not have a good reputation in the United States," Trump said, adding: "The good news for the United Kingdom is that it will have a new prime minister soon. Although I enjoyed my visit to the wonderful country I made last month, the Queen was the most impressed! "

British Trade Minister Liam Fox, who is in Washington, told BBC Radio he would apologize to Trump's daughter Ivanka, who is scheduled to meet her. "I will apologize for the fact that none of the members of our civil service or political circles was up to our expectations or the expectations of the United States about its conduct, which was a mistake in this particular and unusual and unacceptable at all." "Malicious leaks of this kind … can really damage this relationship and thus affect our wider security interest," he said.

The disclosure came at a time when Britain was hoping to clinch an important trade deal with its closest ally after it left the European Union on October 31.

In his government memos from 2017 to the present, Daroush said media reports of a White House internal conflict were "mostly correct" and last month he described confusion within the US administration over Trump's decision to cancel a military strike on Iran.

"We do not really see that this administration will become more natural, less imbalanced, less volatile, less divided, less foolish, and diplomatically inefficient," Daroush was quoted as saying in a memo. Ministers said the government did not agree with Daroush, although the spokesman for Mai said she trusted her perfectly.

"I made it clear that I do not share the ambassador's assessment of either the US administration or relations with it, but I defend his right to make this candid assessment," Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt told reporters. "What we will not allow is the disruption of the excellent relations between us and the United States, which is our closest ally in the world," Hunt said.

British Prime Minister Nigel Verrag, a long-time thorn in British government, said figures such as Darush would not be "present" if Conservative members chose former Secretary of State Boris Johnson, one of the candidates to succeed Theresa May as prime minister. But he is unlikely to become Britain's next ambassador to Washington despite his proximity to Trump. "I do not think I'm the right person for this job," he told BBC Radio.

An ongoing investigation is under way to determine who is responsible for the second serious diversion of secret matters this year. Two months ago, May dismissed Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson after leaking confidential discussions at the National Security Council about China's Huawei Telecom, and after an investigation found he was in charge.

HZ / WB (Reuters / AFP)

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