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US President Donald Trump on Monday (July 15, 2019) attacked Democratic deputies who described them as "hard-liners" and said they should seek forgiveness from their country. This came a day after Trump's calls for weekend Democratic parliamentarians to "go back where they came from." Trump's chants provoked strong criticism from Democratic officials, calling him a "racist" and saying he incited hatred against foreigners.

"When will the vice presidents of the hard left ask forgiveness from our country, the people of Israel and even the president … for their terrible statements," President Trump said Monday morning.

"Many people are angry because of their terrible and humiliating statements."

News sources have speculated that Trump refers to young women in Congress such as Alexandra Ocacio-Cortez of New York, Elhan Omar of Minnesota, Iaina Bresley of Massachusetts and Rachida Tlaib of Michigan.

Cortez, born in New York, is Puerto Rico, a US land. Elhan Omar came to the United States as a refugee from Somalia when she was young. And the first American woman of Palestinian descent to enter Congress.

Congresswoman Okazio-Cortez of New York echoed Trump's comments several times, saying:

"You are angry because you do not believe in an America where I represent the 14th sector of New York City, because the good people of Minnesota elected Elhan Omar, because Rachida Tlaib is fighting for the families of Michigan, and because Anna Presley is active in defending young girls in Boston."

Rachida was the first female speaker of the Palestinian-American Congress

"Do you want a reaction to a completely incompetent and messy president?" He himself is a crisis: the dangerous ideology that the crisis is propagating is that it must be isolated.

Elhan Omar was chirped in response to Trump

"As a member of Congress, the only country we swear allegiance to is the United States, and that's why I'm fighting to protect it from the worst, least efficient, and most corrupt president I have seen so far."

Rep. Iaina Presley responded to Trump's tirades against the Democrats by saying:

"That is how racism looks, and we represent what democracy looks like. We will not go anywhere, but we will go back to DC to fight for families that are deliberately marginalized and deceived every day."

The public reaction was divided. Many opposed President Trump's positions, saying they violated democratic values. Among them was Justin Amash, who said in a tweet that he responded to Trump

"To demand that these American citizens (most of whom are born here) to return to the places infested with the crime they came from is racist."

But Sabrina Schneebel did not see Trump's comments as racist.

"I am sorry, but I do not seem to see a racist aspect of the twinkle: Trump demands that they stop running the government as they did in their countries of origin, because it failed, that's why they left their countries and their families.

The US president's style of interacting politically with his allies and rivals will always be a reason to trigger and spark social interaction, raising questions about the techniques of the globalization era.


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