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US President Donald Trump vetoed Wednesday (July 25) Three congressional resolutions to stop billions of dollars worth of arms sales to US allies including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which are fighting a war in Yemen. About five years ago.

Trump said in a letter to the Senate justifying the use of the presidential veto that these decisions "weaken the competitiveness of the United States at the international level and harm the important relations that we share with our allies and partners"He said.

Legislators who voted in the House of Representatives to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia say the deal will exacerbate the war in Yemen, where Saudi Arabia is leading a US-backed coalition against Iranian-backed Huthi militias, a UN-led war that has caused the worst humanitarian crisis in the world..
Trump, however, sees the opposite, likely that the ban on US arms sales "may probably prolong the conflict in Yemen and deepen the suffering resulting from it"He said.
In response, Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader in the Republican-controlled Senate, That the Council will vote Before the second of August, just before the start of the summer holidays, the three decisions of the rejection, and if the two-thirds of the necessary in the Senate, which includes a hundred members, will thus exceed the right of the President of the veto. But this remains highly unlikely given Republicans' support for arms deals..

Those who favor a halt to the arms deal are dissatisfied with Trump's decision in May to push forward military sales of more than $ 8 billion and ignore Congressional review by declaring a "state of emergency" due to tension with Iran.
Congressional deputies, particularly Democrats, want to press Riyadh to improve its human rights record and do more to avoid civilian casualties in the war in Yemen.
Trump wants to maintain close ties with Riyadh, which he sees as an important partner in the Middle East and a counterbalance to Iran's influence. Trump also sees foreign arms sales as a way to create US jobs.
WB / ADJM (AFP, Reuters)

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