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Tunisian President Béji Kayed Sibsi has died at the age of 92, the Tunisian presidency said on Facebook. According to the statement, the Tunisian president passed away "Thursday morning, 25 July 2019 at 10 am and 25 minutes" at the military hospital in Tunis, which was transferred to him on Wednesday evening.

The Tunisian presidency described the late president as "one of the greatest men of Tunisia and her daughters", adding that "he vowed to serve his country and the old age in order to be and remain a free and innate civic imprint. She continued: "The great deceased believed in Tunisia and its daughters and children and contributed during the independence in all sovereign sites in the building of the state and soon after the revolution of wisdom and patience and patience between the souls and consciences to avoid their people the scourge of stampede and collision." The presidency added: "(al-Sibsi) led the transition to democracy and was keen to build constitutional institutions and completion."

The Tunisian Prime Minister, Tunisian Prime Minister Yousef Al-Shahid, declared in a statement of national mourning 7 days and canceled all performances in festivals.

SPSI's mandate will expire at the end of December. According to the Tunisian constitution, the president of the parliament holds the presidency temporarily for a period of 45 days and maximum 90 days. Following the death of Sibsi, Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef met the witness at an emergency meeting with a president
Parliament Mohammad al-Nasser pending the completion of constitutional arrangements for the transfer of power and arrangements for the organization of a national funeral for the late president. Nasser said he would take over as interim president and called for national unity in a speech broadcast on state television. Al-Nasser is expected to take the oath today, according to Deputy Speaker of the Tunisian Parliament Abdelfattah Moro.

Hafez al-Sibsi, the son of the late president, said earlier Thursday that his father was "in intensive care in the military hospital (in the capital) and things are not right."

The Tunisian president was hospitalized for several days at the end of June after suffering a "severe illness". This coincided with the celebration of Tunisia's anniversary of the declaration of the Republic in 1957, during which the President of the State usually address.

After leaving the hospital he signed Sebsi in The fifth of July is a matter of extending the state of emergency throughout the country for a month, On the same day, he also signed a presidential order inviting voters to the legislative and presidential elections Which takes place In the country later this year.
A group of activists on social networking sites and a number of politicians in Tunisia launched a campaign to demand transparency in dealing with the health situation of the president.

Representatives of civil society decided to cancel their press conference following the death of the country's president and called on the entire political class to shoulder its responsibilities during this period.

WB / ADJM (AFP, dpa, Reuters)

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