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The Tunisian reaction quickly came through social networking sites about the detention of lawyer Jamal al-Hajji. Where the protestors protested the arrest of the lawyer, insisting on the pretext that he was defending himself and the sanctity of his family and his home, during the infiltration of three robbers to his home in the province of Sousse dawn (Wednesday, July 17, 2019).

It appears that a legal association intends to defend the lawyer Jamal al-Hajji, as stated in this tweet:

Media websites quoted Brigadier-General Ibrahim Bouderbala as saying that he believed the lawyer's work was legitimate and that Tunisian penal law was explicit in that he used a licensed hunting rifle to defend his family.

The co-editor of Wepost Tunisia published a call for solidarity with the arrested lawyer

Bekas bali chanted, demanding that the lawyer be punished for training because he had hit only one of the attackers

In the same sense, Khaled baroudi chanted

"The investigating judge in the first office of the court of first instance issued on Wednesday a card of imprisonment for the lawyer who killed a person who infiltrated his home in the area of ​​Sahlul using a hunting rifle," the spokesman of the Sousse primary court, Mohamed Helmi al-Meisawi, confirmed. He told the "Tunisia Africa News", "The investigating judge opened an investigation against the lawyer arrested on charges of premeditated murder."

They began to mobilize support for the arrested lawyer

According to the arrested lawyer's account, he was surprised by three thieves who stormed his house and then attacked him with a white weapon, with the intent of stealing and assaulting him and his family. He quickly intercepted a hunting weapon and aimed at them to kill one of them. One of the other thieves was injured before fleeing.

Many have translated their solidarity with the rights of Jamal al-Hajji into solidarity petitions based on his testimony to the police

And published the lawyer Munir bin Salha Bosta on Facebook, which stated:

"In Tunisia only how to steal a thief in the night armed, after the rapist assaults you and your daughter and slaughters you your children have the right to lodge a complaint in the nearest security center if honored thief honors you to keep alive, but you are prohibited from touching his physical sanctity because it is contrary to human rights.

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