Tunisian Presidency announces the death of President Béji Kayed Sebassi News -

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Tunisian President Béji Kayed Sibsi has died at the age of 92, the Tunisian presidency said on Facebook. According to the statement, the Tunisian president passed away "Thursday morning, 25 July 2019 at 10 am and 25 minutes" at the military hospital in Tunis, which was transferred to him on Wednesday evening.

Sibsi was seriously ill in July, after which he left the hospital "after receiving the necessary treatment," as announced by the Presidency of the Republic at the time.

Then he signed Sebsi in The fifth of July is a matter of extending the state of emergency throughout the country for a month, On the same day, he also signed a presidential order inviting voters to the legislative and presidential elections Which takes place In the country later this year.

SPSI's mandate will expire at the end of December.


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