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Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Javishoglu said Wednesday (July 24, 2019) that the new US proposals on the safe area in northern Syria do not satisfy Turkey, adding that an agreement should be reached as soon as possible, while the US embassy in Turkey confirmed that the two sides Are committed to making progress in this file.

"Turkey feels there is some kind of procrastination in the new American proposals," the Turkish foreign minister told a news conference in Ankara. "We must reach an understanding with Washington on the safe area in Syria as soon as possible, and we have run out"He said.

The two countries held talks on Tuesday after Turkey repeatedly threatened an attack on Kurdish militants in Syria. The US embassy in Turkey said Wednesday that Washington and Ankara are committed to making rapid and concrete progress on the agreed roadmap for the northern city of Manbij,.

Turkey is angered by US support for Kurdish people's protection units, which Ankara considers a terrorist organization. In principle, NATO member countries agree to establish a safe zone in northern Syria but disagree about its depth as well as who it supervises.

Indeed, Gawishoglu said the two countries have not agreed on how deep the safe area will be and who will control it, and whether the Kurdish people's protection units will be fully evacuated.

He also said that a meeting of US military officials with a commander of units to protect the Kurdish people on the same day that James Jeffrey, the US special envoy to Syria, talks in the Turkish Foreign Ministry, indicating that Washington "does not deal with the intention of honest," as he put it.

The Turkish minister said on Monday that if the safe zone in northern Syria was not established and if threats against Turkey continued, Ankara would begin a military operation east of the Euphrates River, a move Ankara has threatened to take in the past..

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