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After the Turkish Foreign Ministry confirmed the killing of the Turkish Deputy Consul and his escort on Wednesday (July 17, 2019) fire in Erbil, the largest city of Iraqi Kurdistan, Ankara, which has military bases in northern Iraq, vowed to "respond appropriately" to this attack, Responsibility for him.

On the one hand, Kurdish sources in Erbil reported the killing of two Turkish consular officers, one of them the Deputy Consul General, and one Iraqi Kurd. The Turkish Foreign Ministry said that one employee was killed and Ankara threatened to " On the incident.

A source in Arbil police had told AFP on condition of anonymity that the Deputy Consul of Turkey was killed "in an armed attack on the consul and consular staff, when they were in a restaurant in Erbil," pointing out that the bomber escaped. But the statement of the Directorate of Security Arbil known Asayish confirmed only the death of one employee in the Turkish Consulate, along with a Kurdish citizen, as well as a third person injured.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned what he called the "heinous attack." He wrote, on his Twitter account, that his country continues contacts with Iraqi authorities and local officials in order to "quickly access the perpetrators" of the attack. As his spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said, "We will respond appropriately to the perpetrators of this cowardly attack," but without specifying who was behind the attack.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said in its statement, reported by the Turkish Anatolia Agency, that it continues "with the Iraqi authorities and local officials to find the perpetrators of the attack as soon as possible." While the Turkish presidency pledged to respond "as necessary to the heinous attack," noting that "the measures began to find the perpetrators."

But according to Turkish sources, the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK), which is based in Kurdish areas in northern Iraq, is a haven for him and occasionally attacks Turkish troops. While Turkish forces are launching ground and air attacks on the party sites in the mountains of Kandil in northern Iraq.

H / H / AAH (dpa, AFP)

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