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Ukrainian military prosecutor Anatoly Matthaus announced on Tuesday (30 July 2019) the Odessa District Court in southern Ukraine on Monday issued a decision to confiscate the oil tanker "Nika Spirit" and said "we did it legally."

Russian carrier Alumar Shiping told Interfax that its management was "in contact with the Ukrainian authorities" to find a solution to a "set of issues related to the ship".

The Ukrainian security service said last week that it had detained the Russian tanker known as "Nima" when entering the port of Ismail in the Odessa region. Investigators confiscated documents aboard the tanker and questioned its crew of 10. Ukrainian security forces detained the carrier but the 10 crew members were released and allowed to return to Russia.

Moscow responded by threatening Kiev with "consequences" that did not specify what it was.

In November, Russia fired at three Ukrainian naval vessels as it attempted to enter the Black Sea from the Black Sea to the Azov Sea across the Kerch Strait.

Ukraine says the Russian tanker took part in the standoff, the most serious open clash between the two countries in recent years. According to Ukrainian security, the ship's commanders "changed the name painted on its structure" to conceal its involvement in the hostile action. "

Russia has been holding 24 sailors since the confrontation and intends to try them. At the end of May, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea urged Moscow to release "immediately" the sailors, but the Kremlin rejected the decision, saying that their fate was not within their competence.

Relations between the two neighbors have been strained since 2014 as Moscow annexed the Crimea and supported a separatist insurgency in eastern Ukraine in a conflict that has killed some 13,000 people.


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