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We are surprised sometimes when waking up in the morning with grains that appear on the surface of the skin or perhaps the emergence of red spots cause itching annoying and do not know why the cause. The first thing that comes to mind in the summer season when such problems arise is that a mosquito attacked us while we were sleeping deeply. But the causes of the appearance of the grain and redness of the skin is certainly different, and the shape of the visible spots can reveal the parasite attacker causing, mosquito or tick or wasp remained all night, but these insects attack in the day too, how can be distinguished and how to address ?


If we feel itching, we think directly about the mosquitoes, it is logical because the mosquitoes stand on the skin and pierce the needle in the skin to suck blood from it. And because we can feel and feel. If we remove it from our skin, we feel strong itching directly, and the reason for the emergence of itching is that the female mosquitoes attacking, need a protein in our blood helps to produce eggs. In order to get blood, the insect injects a special kind of anti-clotting protein into the skin, so that it can absorb enough blood from it, and because the body rejects this protein, its reaction is as quick and powerful as an allergic attack. You can tell that the attacker is a mosquitoes in case of spots, such as tumor 2 and 5 millimeters without a drop of blood on the skin, and color is between white and red.

Gemeine Stechmücke (Culex pipiens), ausgewachsenes Weibchen beim Fressen, saugt Blut aus der menschlichen Haut, Italien, Europa (picture-alliance / imageBROKER / E. Biggi / FLPA)

Female mosquitoes attack, you need a protein in our blood that helps them produce eggs

The site of "Yahoo" Germany, the advice to fight mosquito bites, the place where the female mosquitoes in the needle should be cooled, either by pressure or using special treatments against insect bites, which also reduces the tumor. As a direct measure against itching, the survey also helps with saliva. If you want to use household methods, place half a bulb or half a potato or a piece of lemon on the spot immediately after itching.

You should not rub the skin, because itching means activating the protein injected by the female mosquitoes into the skin to cause more itching.

The tick

Live ticks on long grasses and plants not on trees as believed. When the passage of an animal or a human being ticks the body of the passing victim to suck from his blood. Cats can live for 15 days on the victim's body of animals, or sometimes human and can not be observed. Ticks cause serious diseases such as porcellosis, or tick-borne encephalitis.

The tick bite does not bite as hard as with mosquitoes, though it contracts and absorbs blood from the victim's skin. Ticks leave the host, causing a red spot of the size of the currency is not swollen.

Blood-sucking ticks should be removed as soon as possible. The best way to do this is by using sterile forceps, according to Austria's Gisundahit. Under no circumstances should ticks be removed by shaking the affected area, as this can cause the body to be cut and the tick head to remain attached to the body. If the area of ​​the infection is spreading and reddening, you should see your doctor quickly.


These small insects are active at night to look for blood from animals or humans. The insect causes several red spots and one in the large center usually, bites the bugs many times to get the greatest amount of blood. It can have an effect on the bed as blood points from the bite of the victim's body. Female bugs lay eggs around the house, so the house must be ventilated and cleaned continuously.

The Flea

Fleas live in corners and on carpet or clothing layers. The flea bites several times and causes the appearance of red spots that are not swollen, as with bugs. Flea Propilem, a flea problem, reports that fleas often migrate through pets such as cats and dogs and then spread through the apartment. For the purpose of controlling them there are special treatments such as sprays and so-called flea traps. Your pet must be regularly treated for parasites, as the German Yahoo has signed.


If the Hornet feels threatened, it can bite several times. The sting can bite and return again, unlike what the bee does. The Hornet bite is very painful immediately after the sting and causes the redness of the sting place. To combat the bite of the hornet you can quickly cool the affected area or use certain ointments to fight insect bites.


Ameise (Georgia Institute of Technology)

If you bite from a forest ants, the spot becomes painful and feels sore

If you stand an ant way, it can attack you and release certain acid when it bites. The bite of the ant appears in the form of white patches of redness and strong itch. The spots can disappear after an hour, but if you bite from the forest ants, the spot becomes painful and feels hot in its position. The forest ants inject poison when the victim bites. To get rid of sting results, you can cool the affected area. You can also keep the wound clean and prevent inflammation by resorting to home treatment, cutting onions or garlic cloves into halves and rubbing the affected area gently and carefully.


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