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On Friday evening, the curtain on the 32nd edition of the African Cup of Nations, hosted by Egypt. The final between the Black Tarangas and Desert Warriors will enter the history of the tournament but it will be the only one. There are three games that have been engraved in the memory of the African ball because of its exceptional atmosphere. Paradoxically, the Egyptian team has missed the three finals despite the fact that it has seven titles with the record of the continental title.

Ghana-Côte d'Ivoire 1992 and "The Curse of Budabo"

The 18th edition of the tournament was organized by Senegal and 12 teams took part. This tournament was known as the "Budabo" curse, and the funny thing is that it was famous for its media after the tournament. The reason for this is that the Minister of Sports of Côte d'Ivoire went ahead of the competition to a man of magic and claims "Ghbas Budabo" to help the team to win the title, pledging to give him a big reward.
After that, Côte d'Ivoire's road was perfect: they were led in the first round, Zambia defeated in the quarter-finals (1-0), Cameroon 3-1 in the semi-finals. With a penalty shootout, Côte d'Ivoire beat Ghana to win the title for the first time in their history.
It is interesting that the juggler Bodabo was convinced that he had great credit for this achievement, but his reward did not reach him, he decided to expose the minister through the media, announcing the punishment of "elephants" depriving them of the African title for 20 years.
Believe it or not, the Ivorian team did not succeed in breaking the curse until 2015. Twenty-two years after the curse of Budabo at the expense of Ghana. Before that, even the golden generation led by its great star Didier Drogba failed, losing to Egypt in penalties in 2006. And faced the same fate in the 2008 version before the Pharaohs again but in the semi-finals.

Nigeria-Cameroon 2000
The tournament was then organized in two countries. Ghana and Nigeria, who advanced to the final. The final was held at the Ghanaian capital Accra, but the Super Eggs colors covered the stands. However, Nigeria did not succeed in raising the African Cup for the third time. It was Cameroon who ended the tournament after a penalty shootout (4-3) Nigeria in a sea of ​​sadness.

Fußball Afrika-Cup Final 2000 Nigeria vs. Kamerun (picture-alliance / empics / M. Ashton)

Cameroon's history was written by 19-year-old Samuel Eto'o, along with fellow Patrick Lumba. Thanks to her, Cameroon advanced with two goals. But the Super Eagles led by Jay Jay Okasha and Rafael Chauffau needed almost a chance to turn them into goals, so Nigeria managed in a dramatic atmosphere to adjust the cuff and the original time ended with two goals for both teams. The extension was a penalty shootout.

Morocco-Tunisia 2004
On the lawn of the stadium 7 November Pradas encountered "Carthage Eagles" "Black Atlas". The Moroccan team was the candidate on paper but the title went to his Tunisian counterpart. The Tunisian federation has bet on coach Roger Lemerre, while the Moroccan bet in the name of the caliber in the history of the Moroccan football, and this is the goalkeeper of the Golden Age and the World Cup MEXIC 86, Badu Zaki. Zaki made an impressive offensive team, and wanted to regain the title that missed the black box for nearly three decades.

Fußball Afrika-Cup Finale 2004 Tunesien vs Marokko (Imago Images / PanoramiC)

Ironically, in that tournament Morocco won four goals against Benin. He is the same team that put the black in the 2019 Egyptian championship and caused their humiliating exit from the final round through penalty shootout.
Armed with the ground and the public, the Tunisian team entered the Maghreb derby. The match was played by Senegalese Fala Ndoui, and was very cautious of the two neighboring teams. But the goal of the lead for the Brazilian naturalized Dos Santos shocked the Moroccan squad led by Nebat Vtdartk position quickly through the equalizer of Al-Muthari. However, Ziad Al Jaziri eliminated the Moroccan dream, giving Tunisia its first title at all and coach Roger Lemerre as an exceptional title between the African Nations Cup and the European Championship with his country in 2000.


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