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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The US House of Representatives approved on Tuesday (July 17) three draft resolutions on a $ 8.1 billion sale of arms to Saudi Arabia and other US allies in a move that is a blow to President Donald Trump, who is likely to veto the resolution..

MPs, many of whom are angry at the kingdom over its role in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi last year, have passed three resolutions suspending controversial arms deals after being announced under emergency measures and not submitted to Congress..

The legislation has already been passed in the Senate, so it will be sent in a later step to the White House where Trump is expected to face a presidential veto that will be his third since he took office..

Although the House of Representatives agreed to stop sales of arms with a comfortable majority, but the decision needed to be fifty additional votes to get the two-thirds required to overcome the "veto" Trump.

Trump seeks to hold 22 separate arms sale deals with Saudi The United Arab Emirates and Jordan include the maintenance of aircraft, ammunition and others, at a time of heightened tension in the Middle East.

Opponents argue that these arms deals will fuel the destructive war in Yemen, where it leads Saudi A US-backed coalition against the Huthis. The war, according to the United Nations, caused the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

In a related development, CNN reported Thursday that the United States is sending 500 US troops to the base of Prince Sultan east of the capital Riyadh.
The network quoted two unnamed defense officials as saying there was a small force currently on site with preparations for a Patriot defense system battery and the development of a runway.
The United States says it is committed to helping Saudi Arabia against any possible Iranian aggression.
According to Bloomberg news agency, Congress has not been formally notified of the troop deployment but has quoted an unnamed official as saying a declaration is expected by next week.

WB / ADJM (AFP, Reuters)

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