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In a gesture that reflects the strength of their relationship, two other dogs did not hesitate to sacrifice their lives in order to save a young girl. The dogs prevented a disaster that would have resolved the family of the one-year-old girl, the Sun newspaper reported.

The same source said that the Cobra snake poisonous, tried a few days ago to sneak into the room was sleeping by the small girl Sky in the city of Kidabuan Philippine, but the snake failed in its endeavor after the intervention of dogs, which defended to death for the girl.

The dog, "Muksy", immediately attacked the poisonous snake that was trying to enter the garden of the house to the room of the girl Sky, and added that the dog entered into a deadly conflict with the Cobra, in order to keep her away from the room of the sleeping child inside.

With the aggressiveness of the snake, the second dog "Miley" enters the house in turn to stop the poisonous cobra by itself. The two dogs tried to bite the tail of the snake and drag it away from the girl's room.

According to the Daily Mail website, the poisonous cobra was killed minutes later, adding that the dog "Miley" also died from the toxic snake bludgeon, while the other dog "Moxie" lost sight after his eyes were exposed to the cobra.

We were shocked but we are very proud of the behavior of the two dogs, "said Jamie Selim, the girl's father," I can not thank them enough for what they did to protect our child Sky. Miley bitch. "

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