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-: How do you feel now?

Orzola von der Line: Comfortable and happy, it has so far been an arduous journey over 13 days. I had to review the guidelines (I mean) the political guidelines and guidelines and convince the members of the (European) Parliament. This was not too much time. I am now really happy.

Does your election bother you with only nine votes?

A majority means a majority, and two weeks ago I did not have a majority at all. Of course I understand this because parliamentarians said we want to know more about you, we want to know what your program is. We would like to know the details and topics, which we deal with. So it was a hard time, very intense, and the most intense in my political life at all. But now I am happy.

Are you satisfied with the speech I gave, and the reactions I have received?

Yes, because he showed my convictions and Europe deserves to fight for it. It is also worth telling the story of Europe (our country), united and strong, and how I see it in the future. That was why this was an important moment.

I made a lot of promises today. You realize that it is very difficult to keep all those promises, right?

But that's true, it's not promises. It is politics, the policy that we want to approach. If we talk about the continent, which will not cause damage to the climate in 2050, it is necessary to act. We have to take bold action to do that and we need it for our planet and for our lives. So all these issues are very important and we have to be ambitious.

What do you think about all these topics that you talked about, what is your top priority?

"I think the top priority is climate neutrality 2050 with the 2030 goal and digitization, and these are the two biggest concerns or opportunities we have to address.

You will deal with a divided European Parliament, where the majority will be harder than ever. As well as with a divided European Council, because you have a schism between Eastern Europe and other European countries, for example, on immigration. How do you handle this?

I think we must necessarily overcome the division between East and West. I know that people in Eastern and Central Europe often think that they are not acceptable (welcome) as they should be. As a German defense minister I have worked a lot in these countries and I have many friends and they trust me. So I know how to work together, so that we can improve the relationship, and there is a split between North and South. It is about competitiveness and flexibility and we have to solve it too. why is that? Because Europe must be unified. There are many, many issues that we have to address. Europe has to play a role and we can only do so when we unite.

So, what will you do during the summer?

I will spend the summer in Brussels to form my own Council of Government and Commissioners and work on my work program, which I have to implement from October.

Interview conducted by Max Hoffmann (Brussels) / Translated by: Salah Sharara

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