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Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghji denied on Friday (19 July 2019) that Iran had lost a plane recently, likely to be the United States has destroyed one of its aircraft "by mistake."

"We have not lost any marching aircraft, not in the Strait of Hormuz and nowhere else," he wrote in a tweet on Twitter. "We are concerned that the USS Boxer has accidentally dropped one of their American aircraft," he added sarcastically.

US President Trump announced Thursday the destruction of an Iranian marlin aircraft. He said the plane approached the USS Boxer less than a thousand meters away, prompting the warship to carry out a "defensive action" that resulted in "the destruction of the aircraft on the spot."

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Thursday he had "no information about the loss of an Iranian aircraft." "We do not have any information about the loss of a plane today," he said on arrival at the UN headquarters in New York to meet UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterich.

The Gulf region and the Strait of Hormuz, through which one-third of the world's crude oil is transported by sea, are witnessing an escalation of tension on the backdrop of a US-Iranian confrontation. Trump's administration strengthened its military presence in the region, citing Iran's "threats" against its interests, without providing any explanation.

Iran has announced the downing of a US aircraft earlier this month entered its airspace, she said, while the United States said the plane was shot down in international airspace.


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