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The head of Human Rights Watch said that Israel would not have sought to expel the director of the human rights office in Israel and the Palestinian territories, Omar Shaker, if US President Donald Trump had not been in power. Israel wants to expel Omar Shaker, an American, on charges of supporting the boycott of Israel, despite his denial.

"Trump has provided the necessary protection" to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "to eliminate any criticism of the human rights record in the country," Ken Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, told AFP overnight.

I wonder if Trump gave a green light to anything for Netanyahu to do what he wanted, "Ken Roth said. "Trump can not be called upon to promote human rights when he is too busy embracing despots around the world," he said.

Roth is in Israel to attend the last hearing before the Supreme Court for a decision to expel Shaker on Thursday. But the meeting was postponed and will not be held until next September. On May 9, 2018, the Israeli Ministry of Interior issued a decision to revoke Omar Shaker's residency permit for statements he made before joining Human Rights Watch and welcomed the campaign to boycott Israel.

The Israeli authorities vigorously address the activities of the BDS, an international campaign calling for an economic, cultural and scientific boycott of Israel with the aim of forcing it to end the occupation and settlement in the Palestinian territories. In 2017, the Israeli parliament adopted a law allowing the expulsion of any supporter of the boycott campaign.

Ken Roth said Human Rights Watch did not defend the "boycott movement," but expelling an American lawyer of Iraqi origin was "a clear attempt to eliminate criticism." "It was clear to us when a lawsuit was filed against Omar that Omar had nothing to do with it, he was an easy target because of his ethnic origins and because of some support from his college days," he said.

"Throughout his lifetime in the organization … his work was 100 percent human rights," he said. "By expelling Omar, she is joining a group of countries that hate Human Rights Watch, which includes North Korea and Iran." "In general, when I visit a country I try to meet with the prime minister, we received a response from Netanyahu's office that he was very busy, so we suggested meeting other officials but we did not receive a response," he said.

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