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The police of the city of Cologne, the largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, that it foiled a possible terrorist attack. "We had secret information that an impending attack could take place," Klaus-Steffen Becker, director of police crime control in Cologne, said Thursday (July 18, 2019).

Baker said one of them, a German – a Lebanese from Berlin was known for years as a source of security risk, had recently moved to the town of Doreen. The 30-year-old man was closely linked to jihadists in Berlin and, in a conversation with investigators, said he was preparing to launch an attack..

Police in the cities of Cologne and Doreen (west) carried out raids early in the morning against people from Islamic circles who were declared a potential threat to the public. Police said the focus of the raids was on an apartment in the town of Dorin, located on the outskirts of Cologne. The raids came after reports received by the security forces.

The police searched for concrete evidence of a possible attack that may be planned, according to statements quoted by the German Press Agency (dpa). She said two men had been detained for questioning, amid suspicions that they were planning to carry out an attack. In contrast, other police sources said six men were detained.


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