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The summer season is often a strange challenge for the German police. There are many wedding parties that may be different from German ones, such as the noisy car parks, which are one of the most important aspects of Turkish and Arab weddings, which may be accompanied by the firing of shots in the air.

A Turkish wedding ceremony sparked a major police action on Saturday (July 6) in Ludwigsburg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. The wedding procession, which included several cars decorated with Turkish flags, blocked traffic, Fire, which endangered the lives of others.

The police initially stopped several vehicles from the procession and took control of the drivers while the other cars followed their way unobtrusively by the police. According to the website of the German newspaper "Welt", the police had to prepare for an hour because of the wedding procession and as a result of a dispute between a guest and passers-by.

Officials are still investigating several things to ensure traffic violations and violations of the Arms Act.

More wedding processions

The wedding ceremony in Ludwigsburg was not the only concert that police stopped in the past few days. Some residents of the Fahnheimer-Ort camp near Duisburg in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia told police on Friday (5 July) that shots were heard from a wedding procession on One way. Officials said on Monday (July 8th) that police had stopped the motorcade on the highway (A59) She asked for car searches and guests who were cooperating with the police, according to the website "Rb Online" German.

The German site "Mercure.J" has also published a similar incident in Munich, Bavaria, where a wedding procession consisting of about 20 motorways (A95) Thus blocking traffic.

It is worth mentioning that the celebration of this way through motorcades and the firing of firearms is not limited to Turkey, but people in different countries such as India, Afghanistan, the Middle East and some Arab regions in this way. These ceremonial aspects can lead to tragic events, especially the celebration of shooting.


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