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A trembling fit can be very worrying. Unexpectedly, the injured person loses control of parts or all of his body. In some cases, trembling can also cause the person to fall to the ground and lose consciousness.

As for the symptoms of tremors, they may vary. Sometimes they appear together, and in others they may occur in isolation. The tremor can last for a few seconds or even minutes before it subsides, when the affected person begins to move.

Many reasons

Drought or lack of fluid is often a possible cause of tremor. The human body consists of about 70 per cent of the water, and up to 90 per cent in the brain. Water supplies the body's cells with nutrients and oxygen, as well as its role in cleaning the body.

If someone does not drink enough water, sweat profusely or lose fluids through vomiting or diarrhea, it disrupts fluid balance in the body. If the fluid does not replenish rapidly, the body becomes all in a state of alert, and therefore begins to convuls and quiver.

The risk of drought is high in children or the elderly. The feeling of thirst decreases as the person ages, and the elderly simply do not realize they lack fluids. In addition, low blood sugar can cause convulsions.

A person can also be shaken, for example, by exerting great effort, feeling pain or exhausted, and drinking too much caffeine.

When the body is cold, the muscles begin to tremble, in order to create warmth and prevent a drop in body temperature. For this reason, we tremble as soon as our body temperature drops below 35 degrees.

A possible sign of serious illness

On the other hand, the causes of a tremor may be associated with the disease. In many cases, these seizures are a symptom of epilepsy. The causes of a tremor may also be disorders of circulation, brain damage or meningitis.

Epileptic seizures are considered "unjustified", so there is no obvious cause for them and they occur frequently. It may be caused in part by brain diseases, strokes or tumors. Infrequent seizures occur when the brain is irritated in response to the drug, or in the case of infection or heat cramping in children.

Shivering during rest or movement

And the crucial thing in the event of a tremor: Is it hit the person when he was in motion or rest ?. A tremor may be an indicator of brain damage, if this seizure impedes the individual's fine motor abilities and makes him swing and walk abnormally.

The tremor may sometimes occur when the person is in a state of rest, where Parkinson's disease is the most common for such tremors.

The so-called "idiopathic tremor" is still the most common, where the neurodegenerative disorder may be genetic, occurs between the ages of 20 and 60, and worsens over time. Symptoms of "basic tremors" are often present, often when someone is forced to maintain his or her stressful posture for a long period of time or when a person wants to do a certain movement. Symptoms often include hands, arms, sometimes head or even voice.

Detailed diagnosis

In contrast, relaxation exercises often help a person avoid convulsions, because stress and stress make the tremors worse. Wine and caffeine should be avoided. Finally, answers to tremors can only be obtained through a comprehensive diagnosis, using advanced medical means such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computer tomography, or electrocardiogram.


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