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German football legend Franz Beckenbauer's 73-year-old health condition seems to have survived a lawsuit over the World Cup award in Germany in 2006. According to German magazine Spiegel, his lawyer has submitted reports and testimony to the Swiss public prosecutor's office Medical stresses that any effort or pressure on Beckenbauer could endanger his life.

The German magazine quoted doctors as saying that the health of Kaiser German football has declined significantly since last April, where his mental ability to make a decision amid the absence of a large memory. Doctors do not expect his recovery, which makes him unable to be questioned at a hearing with Swiss investigators.

For his part, the site "T Online" that the Swiss Federal Prosecutor's Office was to indict Beckenbauer, but not only reports from doctors and asked for additional reports on the case of Caesar German ball. Spiegel confirmed that the prosecutor had confirmed the dismissal of the Beckenbauer case from other defendants' cases, in order to make more rapid progress on these money-related issues for the 2006 World Cup.

But the move, on Sunday (July 28, 2019), drew criticism from Theo Zwanziger, former head of the German Football Association. Theo Zwanziger and Wolfgang Nirsbach, former presidents of the German federation and two other fraudsters, were accused of giving Germany the right to host the 2006 World Cup. The icon of German football Beckenbauer was head of the World Cup organizing committee and was part of the investigation but the Swiss prosecutor's office said the case was being dealt with separately without Give no details. Tsvantziger fears that Beckenbauer, who has denied any wrongdoing, will end his responsibility.

Tsvantsiger says the Swiss investigation, which began in 2015, was nonsense from the start. "They are running at maximum speed toward a wall for a while – and the wall wins at the end," he said. The Swiss prosecutor, investigating the case because the headquarters of the International Football Association "Viva" in the city of Zurich, the presumption of innocence still exists. Tsvantziger said Switzerland needed a preliminary ruling on April 27, the 15th anniversary of the transfer of 6.7 million euros (about 7.5 million dollars) from the German federation via FIFA to Robert Louis Dreyfus, the race president of Adidas, the focus of the investigation. The German Federation said the amount was due to cultural activity, which never happened. Investigators are investigating whether these funds were used to buy votes to vote for Germany's hosting of the World Cup.


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