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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Artificial intelligence techniques can be used to gauge the numbers of people interested in the practice of various sports in the United States by analyzing their tweets on Twitter, according to a study by researchers at Boston University. Many people now have the usual question: But how can that be? Answer: "In most cases, low-income classes lack the resources that promote healthy living, so it is possible, by means of knowledge, Differences in the way people practice different classes of sport, find ways to intervene in order to meet the different needs of these classes. "

Nina Sissar, another researcher involved in the study, said that social networks and digital data in the future could help to provide interventions and policy formulation based on knowledge of their own habits and their understanding of sports activities. "I think this is a step in the right direction," she said.

The researchers used an artificial intelligence system to analyze more than 330,000 twitter entries of 48,116 Twitter users in 29,800 US cities. The study team compared men's tweets to those of women, and classified Twitters geographically within the US to the Northeast, South, Midwest and West . With the artificial intelligence system, the team was able to track words such as Sir, Dance, Golf, Sport, Run, , And that the demand for the rest of the activities varies by type and region.

The study also showed that women in the western United States are more interested in sports than their counterparts in any other region. While men in the Midwest are more interested in sports than men in other areas. Overall, the study showed that men in general are more interested in sports compared to women, but a slight difference.

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