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The German parliament has raised questions about the dangers of using children to use the audio plugin from Amazon. A member of parliament, Ovie Kaman, asked whether the US application company Amazon could analyze the messages Audio for Alexa users.

With respect to Amazon's awareness of users regarding the processing of their data and their question as to whether they agree with this use, German law experts have testified to Alexa's application of its compliance with the European Basic Privacy Act. But parliamentarians saw other problems, as the risks involved in using Alexa's application were particularly relevant to children, particularly when children gave personal data to their parents or when the application was used to call out inappropriate content for children. There is also another problem associated with any visitor who uses the smartphone of the host, as he does not realize that the phone is recording their voices.

In view of the United States, it is not known "what other purposes Amazon could use for future data", according to the report of German parliamentarians. It is also impossible to rule out a theft of data from Amazon cloud, "which could hit the users of" Alexa "painful" because of the large volume of data stored there.

"We must stress that the statement of consent signed by the user should indicate the risks and possibilities associated with the transfer and use of the data, as well as the third party data that may be encountered on the user's phone," said MP Kaman, who requested the report. He stressed that the need for the approval to be detailed, "and not by a single sign as a consent to everything contained in the statement."

The scientific service of the Bundestag showed "unclear information about the storage period of this data by Amazon, in terms of use". Although MP Kaman asked about the application of Alexa specifically, he stressed that this critical point is present in all recording systems that rely on voice recording.

Alexa software sends audio data to Amazon, when the user stores a password used to activate the application, and allows the user to save on Alexa, Computer, Isho, or Amazon. Audio is usually only a few seconds long, but it is possible to send audio messages with Alexa, which can, of course, touch sensitive subjects.

There was a media hype in May 2018, due to a technical malfunction at Alexa that caused a series of audio errors, during which a couple's conversation was recorded in America and accidentally sent to a third person. Amazon was also criticized last December when Alexa's records were recorded by an unauthorized person, in which a user inquired about his data in accordance with the data protection regulations. Amazon delivered the data to her student, two months after the request, but gave him voice data that appeared to be for another user, although the applicant had never used Alexa in his life. "We do not want to appear to be technologically antagonistic, but we say firmly: those who use seemingly immature systems, such as Alexa, "And her sisters, in the narrowest of his life threatens the scope of his privacy."


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