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Despite her comment on the matter and her assertion that there was no cause for concern, the third tremor of German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday (July 10, 2019) raised question marks. Despite the appreciation of German political culture, private life and its usually quiet deal with these things, only the voices Asking the Chancellor for further clarification to block the potential controversy, began to rise.

The German newspaper Berliner Zeitung noted the reactions of the international press, which highlighted the peculiarity of German political culture, characterized by quiet interaction with the matter, and wrote: "There is no reason to doubt In Merkel's assertion that her condition is good. The crucial thing here is the certainty that politicians are not machines. They, like the rest of humanity, have weaknesses, diseases and drawbacks. The American media is surprised by the calm of the Germans after the appearance of their advisers' tremors, And the credibility of Angela Merkel, despite the hysterical discussions that take place in other positions, and this is what must continue"He said.

"The disease is also natural for politicians, but it becomes a political matter when it affects the political / political ability of the politicians," Kollner-Staat-Antsiger wrote. Perform his full card duties. It is possible that in the case of Merkel it is only a temporary matter, but it may also be otherwise. Therefore, the Chancellor must explain this in detail or the controversy can not be stopped."He said.

"I want to choose the right time to retire from politics. This is much more difficult than I had imagined before. I do not want to wait until I become a wreck. "The counselor, of course, is not a wreck, but she seems to have missed the right time to retire. The tremor she can not control is a bad image."He said.

"These are painful moments even for the same viewer, because they attract attention to sensitive, very sensitive areas, not necessarily passed by everyone," said the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. About the lack of a problem and the assertion of their ability to work … These statements reveal Merkel's fear of The possibility of questioning the public opinion of its capabilities, but at a time when it is not enough to say that Merkel is all right, to calm down, then another message must be sent that she underwent medical examination. A detailed medical report is not required here, but the message that she is dealing with her health is sufficient enough"He said.

The Germans appreciate the privacy of private life and the health of the chancellor is not an important issue for public opinion in general, but Merkel's latest tremors are the media and have become the subject of constant debate on the channels. News"He said.

The German newspaper "Figaro" has written: "The absence of medical clarification is a matter of concern … Angela Merkel does not want to say whether she has received medical advice." German public opinion, which has so far respected the private life of the chancellor, begins to wonder. Not for the competence of the Chancellor's leadership but for the possibility of leaving her post ahead of schedule"He said.

La Repubblica criticized the lack of adequate information about the state of the chancellor and wrote: "It happened this time when Merkel was listening to the national anthem with the Finnish prime minister .. The tremor did not last long and Merkel regained control of her body quickly, Of the alarm bells"He said.


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