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MADRID (Reuters) – Spain's Yari Alvarez, 24, has graduated from the Spanish club Athletic Bilbao, so it was natural for the defender, who previously played for Spain under the age of 21, to hold a contract with the club. According to the German Web site "Sport1", what seems to be normal is actually a "little myth" because Alvarez was diagnosed with testicular cancer in December 2016. Only 46 days after undergoing treatment for cancer, he returned to football stadiums in February 2017, In an unforgettable match, the opponent was Barcelona.

Blow as much as new

After the end of the 2016/2017 season, Alvarez was hit by a new blow. The cancer has returned to him and he must undergo chemotherapy. The German website explains that at that difficult time, the club and its teammates stopped at his side again, but this time the treatment process lasted for six months.

In February 2018, Yari Alvarez returned to the legendary San Mames stadium, the Atlantic Bilbao stadium in the Basque Country. He won the cancer again and never lost confidence in the Spanish club.

Last week, the club signed a seven-year contract with a penalty of 70 million euros. "I am aware of the responsibility I now bear in the club and now I have to prove it on the pitch," the player said of his new contract. Sport 1 says football is now the focus of his attention. "The biggest victory of his life has already been achieved."

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